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Heineken’s ingenious outdoor advertising campaign

Saatchi & Saatchi Australia has been the agency in charge of the original campaign

Publicidad Exterior de Heineken | Mupis

Heineken’s outdoor advertising campaign in Australia is an ingenious move on billboards.

Outdoor advertising is a format that gives creatives a lot of play. Over time we have seen many original actions that have left us speechless. But, how do you continue to innovate when it is a site that pales before the new forms of advertising?

Currently, consumers walk down the street looking at their mobile phones, constantly being impacted by digital advertising. For them, Heineken has engineered this outdoor advertising campaign… placing the mupis wrongly.

“Credentials” is the title of Heineken’s outdoor advertising campaign created by the Saatchi & Saatchi Australia agency. This mismatch in the creative only partially shows the text horizontally. An ingenious way of emphasizing that Heineken ferments its drink in horizontal tanks.

Those pedestrians who are surprised by the poor placement of the marquee can scan the QR code. This is displayed revealing the entire paragraph, in horizontal format on mobile.

According to Willemjin Sneep, Country Manager for Heineken in Australia: “The idea is to introduce people to the brewing techniques that allow them to enjoy that refreshing first sip. By focusing on horizontal fermentation we bring to life the functional point of difference.” that Heineken has for consumers.”

On the other hand, Piero Ruzzene, Creative Director of Saatchi & Saatchi Australia: “Most beers would have just told you that they ferment the tanks vertically. And with Heineken we have decided to launch a campaign that seems like a big planning mistake, bringing a fresh approach to a rather dry part of beer advertising.”

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