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The interactive opis in Paris that scares pedestrians crossing in red light

‘Road Safety’ is the advertising campaign with an interactive opis in Paris to raise awareness for pedestrians who cross in red light.

Every year, 4,500 pedestrians are victims of traffic accidents in Paris. Many of these accidents are because the pedestrian has crossed with the red light. To aware of the danger of doing these actions, the French government has made a shocking publicity campaign called ‘Road Safety’.

The objective is to reduce the high rate of traffic accidents with pedestrians in the French capital. And they have made an interactive opis in Paris that warn of the danger when you are crossing in red light.

Opis Interacito París accidentes peatones

The interactive opis launch a powerful sound that scares the pedestrians. This, when it crosses in red, he hears the sound of the skid of a car pretending that they are going to pass over him.

It is not a real sound, but it catches the attention of pedestrians who have jumped the red light. The huge scare they carry is recorded in the opis. It publishes an instant picture of the situation with a message of prevention: “Do not risk seeing death in your face. Respect the traffic lights when you cross. ”

No doubt an effective campaign to see the panic reactions of pedestrians. With this campaign of road safety in interactive opis in Paris, the French government warns of the serious consequences of not respecting the norms of traffic.

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