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Pepsi’s best commercials relaunched for its 125th anniversary

The brand celebrates its anniversary with a 125-day campaign

Mejores anuncios de Pepsi | 125 años

Pepsi’s best commercials are relaunched to celebrate the brand’s 125th anniversary.

Historically in the world of advertising there have always been two brands that have tried to compete with each other. Adidas and Nike, Apple and Microsoft, McDonald’s and Burger King or Coca-Cola and Pepsi. The latter celebrates 125 years and takes the rivalry with the Atlanta multinational to another level.

Little did pharmaceutical chemist Caleb Davis Bradham think when he prepared his concoction in New Bern, North Carolina that today it would be one of the most important companies in the world. Such was his success that Coca-Cola tried to buy it three times between 1922 and 1933. He is now celebrating 125 years with a campaign that includes relaunching its most iconic advertisements.

The best Pepsi commercials, relaunched

Mejores anuncios de Pepsi | 125 años

If Pepsi has characterized anything when it comes to carrying out its advertising campaigns, it is having the star of the moment. Unlike Coca-Cola, Pepsi has tried to take over the current celebrity to reach the public quickly and effectively.

In the events of the brand’s 125th anniversary, Pepsi has decided to carry out a campaign for 125 days with different actions. Apart from the launch of the best Pepsi ads on its YouTube channel, the brand will change logos and packaging to return to its previous image; as well as offering gifts and immersive experiences to consumers.

“Taste for Pepsi” with Tina Turner

The Pepsi advert with Tina Turner was released in 1986 when Tina Turner was known for being the “Queen of Rock’n Roll” and rubbing shoulders with the biggest artists of the time.

“Simply Irresistible” with Robert Palmer

In 1989 Pepsi opted for the hit of the moment, “Simply Irresisitble” by Robert Palmer. A song that could well have been the perfect song for a soft drink advertisement.

“Like a Prayer” with Madonna

What can we say about Madonna, the “Queen of Pop” who with her hit “Like a Prayer” reached number 1 in half the world and began to build the image of a diva who continues to cause war even today. It was launched in 1989 along with the campaign with Robert Palmer.

“The Right One Baby” with Ray Charles.

In 1991 Pepsi launched one of the best ads in its history, starring Ray Charles. It was at a time when the brand distanced itself from the artist of the moment to embrace one of the most influential musicians in the history of music.

“The Joy of Cola” with Britney Spears

This list could not miss the advertisement launched in 2000 with Britney Spears, an artist who appeared in society and swept the new generations with her “Baby One More Time”

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