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McDonalds billboards tell you the way with their “arches”

McDonalds billboards placed in Canada show you the way with the “arches” of its logo.

We like McDonald’s outdoor advertising campaigns. It’s a basic part of their communication strategy, to inform the consumer of the proximity of a local. Many years have passed the American brand making billboards and has now carried out an original campaign with this advertising support.

The brand had found that in Canada there were different advertising billboards that signaled the location of their restaurants. These fences were very different from each other, which was an incongruity from the point of view of branding. To fix it, he has launched the company “Follow the Arches”.

Publicidad Exterior de McDonalds: Follow the arches

To unify criteria, McDonald’s decided to use its logo on advertising billboards. The logo of the brand is one of the most recognizable in the entire planet and they decided to point the way to his restaurants with the arcs of his logo and to unify the image of the advertising billboards.

The curves of the “M” in your logo are responsible for indicating drivers where their restaurants are. So to turn right or left shows a part of the “M” and to take an intersection, the central part. The action has installed four fences located in high traffic areas of the city of Toronto.

Publicidad Exterior de McDonalds: Follow the arches

Publicidad Exterior de McDonalds: Follow the arches

Publicidad Exterior de McDonalds: Follow the arches

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