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The Pepsi advert for the World Cup recovers the essence of the 90s

Messi, Ronaldinho and Pogba are the protagonists of the campaign

Anuncio de Pepsi | Nutmag Royale

The Pepsi advert for the Qatar World Cup reminds us of the best advertising campaigns of the 90s.

Historically, World Cup events have generated large publicity campaigns in the sector. We all remember the mythical Nike “Airport” with the Brazilian team, or the Adidas “Jose+10” for the World Cup in Germany.

The appointment in the Qatari country, despite taking place outside the traditional dates, will not be an exception. Puma recently premiered its advertising campaign with “Fearless” and now it is Pepsi’s turn, which brings out its gala eleven to launch its ad for the Qatar World Cup.

“Nutmeg Royale” is the title of the Pepsi advert made starring Messi, Ronaldinho and Pogba. The three footballers are walking around the Old Almadina in Marrakech (Morocco). when they are challenged by street footballers. The trigger? A pipe to Leo Messi, the best player of all time, who becomes viral in a heartbeat.

This leads to a frantic swing through the streets of Marrakech in which the three players are overtaken by the rival. Until, obviously, things get serious and Lionel Messi begins to sit down with his dribbling, accompanied by Ronaldinho and Pogba.

The Pepsi advert has an air of the great Nike advertising campaigns published in the 90s. It collects the best skills of soccer players in a street soccer and freestyle environment. According to Gustavo Reyna, Senior Director of Global Marketing for Pepsi: “At Pepsi, our brand DNA has always been fueled by youth culture, whether it’s being at the forefront of product innovation or harnessing what drives culture to give shapes our epic entertainment experiences. This campaign shows a commitment to celebrating those who dare to defy the expected and seek to have fun.”

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