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‘Iconic Moments’ it’s a Pepsi’s minimal graphic campaign

‘Iconic Moments’ it’s a Pepsi’s minimal graphic campaign very clean and creative.

Often big budgets hide what is a priori a poor idea. It is not necessary to be creative, only show your product in the most spectacular way possible. And many times the creatives forget the power of a good idea. That’s why we love this Pepsi’s graphic campaign titled ‘Iconic Moments’.

For the advertising campaign, Pepsi Light have made a series of photographs that encourage young people to live every moment at it’s best. It is the philosophy of ‘Live for now’ the new Leitmotiv of the american multinational, and they have represented with young people enjoying their free time doing what they like.

Each photograph is carried out by different people performing urban sports. Thus we see experts in parkour, skateboard and breakdance dressed in red, blue and white. The genius comes when a circle wraps a part of his clothes and we see how the Pepsi logo is formed.


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