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Aliens in NYC, the fun X-Files promo in New York

The X-Files promo in New York is a fun camera joke with hidden aliens.

In 2016 a new round of chapters of the popular tv show File X was released. The return of the acclaimed series was viewed by 50 million people. The producers didn’t doubt to continue the adventures of Mulder and Scully with 10 more episodes.

To announce the “second season”, they have decided to carry out an advertising campaign in New York with a fun hidden camera joke. Since the irruption of the Internet, viral campaigns have been becoming increasingly convoluted. That’s why a return toa joke with hidden camera is always appreciated.

Promo de Expediente X

In this case they hid an Alien in a newspaper dispenser in New York. Using parts of the body of an Alien moved by animatronic they got a pretty credible figure that would scare the passers-by of the big city.

This is how the people scares happened in 3 parts: The first using only one arm, the second with the alien breaking the dispenser and the third with the special agents coming to analyze the area.

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