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The action of BrewDog to prevent you from driving drunk

#ThrowBackCrash is the action of BrewDog to prevent you from taking the car when you have drunk.

The campaigns against alcohol and driving have always been impressive. The ads of the general direction of traffic have tended to the drama when reminding us that if we drink, we must not drive. But also car brands, aware of the problem, have carried out original campaigns to prevent you from driving drunk. Volkswagen, for example, launched a special 0,0 beer for those who must drive.

But the problem remains in many countries, one is Brazil. To raise awareness among Brazilians, BrewDog beer brand has made an original action during the carnival in Sao Paulo.

The action of Brewdog, #ThrowBackCrash wanted to warn those Cariocas about the danger of drinking and driving after drinking at the carnival in Sao Paulo. They allied with the navigation app Waze to publicize all the accidents that have occurred because of alcohol.

Thus, users of the platform received notifications of accidents in the area, making them believe that they were on the spot. The truth is that all past accidents were reflected as if they had just happened. When they clicked on the accident report, they received a message saying: “Do not let it happen again. If you drink, do not drive.”

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