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PETA’s Christmas advert encourages us not to eat turkey this holiday season

The agency House 337 has been in charge of the advertising campaign

Anuncio de Navidad de Peta | Kill the Traditions, not a turkey

PETA’s Christmas advert insists on avoiding animal abuse this holiday season.

During Christmas there are usually very deep-rooted traditions. Put up the tree, kiss under a mistletoe leaf, set up the nativity scene or… eat turkey on Christmas Day.

That is precisely what the association of people for the ethical treatment of animals, better known as PETA, intends. And every year millions of turkeys are eaten around the world on Christmas Day. A figure that the PETA association denounces and encourages us to eat vegan with this original advertising campaign.

PETA Christmas Advert

“Kill Traditions, not a turkey” is the title of PETA’s Christmas Advert, the organization for the ethical treatment of animals. It was made by the agency House 337 and produced by Jelly.

The piece introduces us to “Tessa”, a smiling turkey played by Jane Harrocks, one of the best-known actresses in the United Kingdom. She is walking through a typical Anglo-Saxon town to the rhythm of the carol “Deck the hall with boughs of holly” and discovering all the traditions that take place during these holidays.

Write letters to an old man with a boat, take photos with shabby sweaters, decorate the outside of houses with lights or kiss under a leaf of mistletoe. All harmless habits sung gracefully to the rhythm of the song. Until he discovers that one of the traditions is to sacrifice a turkey to eat it on December 25.

PETA’s Christmas advert ends with a clear message: “Kill the traditions, not a turkey” which encourages us not to eat meat and save turkey from being the star dish on the menu. According to Elisa Allen, Vice President of Programs and Operations at PETA: “Our goal is to make people think, change feelings and habits. Tradition is no excuse for cruelty and we are sure that this moving ad will lead viewers to think about what they put on their plates.

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