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Puma’s advert for the Qatar World Cup: “Find your Fearless”

The campaign kicks off advertising campaigns for the World Cup

Anuncio de Puma | Find Your Fearless

The Puma advert kicks off the advertising campaigns for the World Cup in Qatar.

The World Cup in Qatar is here and the brands have already started to launch their advertising campaigns. And it is not for less, it is estimated that the World Cup, together with the Olympic Games, is the most watched event on the entire planet. A World Cup that arrives surrounded by controversy, since it will start on November 20, altering the natural calendar of the major leagues around the world.

But the brands do not want to miss the opportunity to be seen globally and the advertising campaigns are already beginning to be released. One of them is Puma who has made a spectacular announcement for the appointment.

“Find your Fearless” is the title of Puma’s advert for the Qatar World Cup. It has been made by the Parisian agency LaFourmi and produced by Hamlet. The filmmakers Julien&Quentin have directed the piece.

Puma’s advert is a spectacular 3-minute video where younger fans take center stage. In it we see how they talk about their idols and describe the plays they make in a passionate way, calling them “Fearless”.

Next we see a succession of images repeating the same pattern and talking about their figures. On the street, in class or at a party, young people show a predilection for the big stars that Puma sponsors: Neymar Jr, Antoine Griezmann, Kingsley Coman, Memphis Depay, female soccer players Sara Björk and Fridolina Rolfö and emerging stars like Nikita Parris, Antony and Christian Pulisic.

According to the agency, in a statement: “Players inspire young people. Young people inspire football. Football inspires culture… For the new generation, everything is connected. The pitch and the street, the style and the skill , attitudes. The players are inspiring role models for young people and in turn are inspired by them. It is this cultural ebb and flow that the agency wanted to illustrate in this brand film.”

In addition, the word “Fearless” serves to publicize the brand’s new models, the Future and Ultra boots that appear in the Puma advert.

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