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Tim Hortons’ christmas commercial is an emotional story about equality

Anuncio de Tim Hortons para Navidad

“We are all made of the same snow” is Tim Hortons’ emotional commercial for Christmas.

Few brands are left to launch their Christmas campaigns. The last to do so has been Tim Hortons, the Canadian coffee-restaurant brand, and it does so with a message of equality.

Canada is a country inhabited by people from different places, with a hodgepodge of different ethnicities coexisting without problems. And Tim Hortons has wanted to reflect it in his Christmas campaign with “Snowpeople”, where we see different families build the typical snowmen in the garden of their houses.

Tim Hortons’ Christmas commercial places us at the moment when children begin to build their snowmen. There are all kinds of them: with sticks, with carrots, with feathers or flags of different countries. A way to find happiness in those little moments with the family.

The final slogan reads: “We are all made of the same snow” and is a message for equality between the people who live together daily. Tim Hortons’ Christmas ad has been created by the Gut agency and directed by Canadian-Japanese Goh Iromoto, who was inspired by the snowman he built with his children.

According to Iromoto: “As a Canadian of Japanese descent, it is an honor to work on a campaign that celebrates the different cultures, diversity of backgrounds and inclusion that runs through the veins of so many Canadians.”

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