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Best Commercials of 2023 until now

These are the best commercials of 2023 to date

The Best Commercials of 2023

We take a look at the best commercials of 2023 and the best advertising campaigns of the year so far.

The year advances and it is time to take stock of what it has brought us in terms of advertising. A year in which at the moment no advertising campaign stands out above the others but where all border on a high level of quality.

As every year, at Slogan Magazine we have made a selection of the best commercials of 2023; just like we did with the best commercials of 2022. Below we leave you with the complete list of the best advertising campaigns of the year and, at the end of 2023 we will make a selection of the best commercials of the year.

The best commercials of January 2023

Purina – It’s Great to be a Cat!

“It’s great to be cat!” is the title of the Purina commercial created by the AFG agency and produced by Craft Worldwide. It has been directed by Marco Grandia collaborating with the Inkubus studio, in charge of the animation.

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Apple – Privacy on Iphone

“A day in the life on an average’s person data” is the title of Apple’s commercial. In it he tells us a normal day in the life of Nick Mohammed, the famous actor from the series “Ted Lasso”.

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The North Face – We Always Have Your Back

“We Always Have Your Back” is the title of the North Face commercial. It has been created by the creative agency B-Reel in collaboration with director Anton Tammi and production company Pine.

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McDonald’s – Deals Stuck in Time

“Deals stuck in time” is the title of the McDonald’s campaign created by the Nord DDB agency in Sweden. The idea? That users can recover old offers of McDonald’s products and apply them today.

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Coca-Cola – Celebrating Together is Magic

“Celebrating Together is Magic” is the title of Coca-Cola’s commercial for the Chinese New Year. An animated piece of enormous invoice that represents the typical customs of that day.

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Mint Mobile – ChatGPT Ad

The Mint Mobile commercial is the first commercial created with artificial intelligence. The mobile operator owned by Ryan Reynolds makes use of the popular actor to narrate the creation of these ads with his peculiar style.

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The best commercials of February 2023

McDonald’s – Food Truck Billboard

“Foodtruck Billboard” is McDonald’s campaign to present its new hamburger “Craft Chicken Burger”. It has been created by the Nord DDB agency in Stockholm and is a nod to the street food culture that is so fashionable these days.

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Phillips – Real Picture

The Philips campaign entitled “The Full Picture” wants to vindicate the branch of the company dedicated to medical devices. And he does it with a moving campaign that brings together a radiologist and his former patient.

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Renault – Remember how much you loved electric cars

“Remember how much you loved electric cars” is the title of the Renault campaign that directly appeals to the nostalgia of generation X (1969-1980) and millennials (1981-1993). . And it is that at the time the only way to play with electric cars was through the popular slot game “Scalextric”.

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Dunkin’ Donuts – Ben Affleck Super Bowl

“Dunkin’ Drive-Thru” is the advertisement for Dunkin Donuts starring Ben Affleck. Undoubtedly one of the actor’s favorite establishments, since it is not difficult to find him buying his famous Donuts.

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Amazon – Saving Sawyer

“Saving Sawyer” is the title of Amazon’s Super Bowl commercial that tells us the emotional story of a dog and his family during confinement. The piece begins by reminding us of what we are experiencing in a pandemic, teleworking from home and children studying in online classes.

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Workday – Rock Star

“Rock Star” is the title of the Workday commercial featuring Ozzy Osborne and other great artists. The North American human resources company has thrown all the meat on the grill for its advertising campaign that will be broadcast at the Super Bowl.

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Doritos – Jack’s New Angle

“Jack’s new angle” is the title of Doritos’ Super Bowl commercial. Previously, the brand released teasers where the producers were looking for a new hit for the brand. The piece tells us the story of rapper Jack Harlow when he runs out of ideas to compose his next big hit.

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Paramount+ – Stallone Face

“Stallone Face” is the title of the Paramount+ ad starring Sylvester Stallone. It falls under the creative umbrella “A Mountain of Entertainment” that the brand launched in 2021. It was produced by the Droga5 agency, produced by O Positive and directed by David Shane.

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Samsung – Behold

“Behold” is the title of Ridley Scott’s short for Samsung. It has been written by his son, Luke Scott and produced by RSA Films. The four-minute piece tells us the story of a young man who, leaving a hostile environment, finds peace in nature and contact with a horse.

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PopCorners – Breaking Bad Super Bowl Commercial

The Pop Corners ad has brought together the two Breaking Bad stars: Jesse Pikman and Walter White. His mission? Prepare other quality merchandise for one of their distributors, Tuco Salamanca, who also returns played by Raymond Cruz.

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SquareSpace – The Singularity

“The Singularity” is the title of Squarespace’s Super Bowl commercial. The actor will star in an ad for the Super Bowl again since in 2017 he starred in the one for Snickers chocolates.

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The best commercials of March 2023

PETA – Sing Along With the Animals at Red River Farm

PETA denounces child abuse with “Sing Along With the Animals at Red River Farm”, a campaign created by the British agency House 337, produced by BlinkInk and directed by Will Wightman.

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Heineken – Just Another Night Out

“Just Another Night Out” is the title of the Heineken campaign carried out by the agency Le Pub Brasil and its Le Garage division, dedicated to gaming and innovation. It has been directed by award-winning French filmmaker Frederic Planchon and shot in Brazil.

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Adidas – The Ridiculous Run

“The Ridiculous Run” is the title of the Adidas ad about the insecurity women feel when going out for a run. It has been made by the TBWA Neboko agency and is a caricature of the security measures that many women must take before going for a run.

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Apple – The New Airpods Pro

“Quiet the Noise” is the title of Apple’s ad to announce the Airpod Pro. It was produced by the TBWA\Media Arts Lab agency and directed by the Megaforce directors, authors among others of Burberry’s advertising campaigns.

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Volkswagen – The Hand

“The Hand” is the title of the Volkswagen commercial made by the DDB agency and produced by Lee Films. It will be broadcast at a European level to communicate the launch of the new SUV models of the German brand: The T-Roc, T-Cross and Taigo.

Ver análisis

Corona – Unfilter México

“Unfilter México” is the title of the Corona ad made by the Gut agency. It stars Emmanuel Chivo Lubezki, the famous Mexican cinematographer who has won an Oscar in three editions.

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Guinness – Holding out for a Zero

“Holding out for a ZERO” is the title of the Guinness ad created by the Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO agency, the brand’s lead agency since 2001. The campaign aims to reinforce the 0.0 variety of the Irish brewer.

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Dove – Turn Your Back on Bold Glamour

“Turn Your Back on Bold Glamour” is the title of Dove’s campaign against the use of beauty filters on TikTok. The idea is to make the community aware that the use of these filters diminishes the confidence of the young women who use them.

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Coca-Cola – Masterpiece

“Masterpiece” is the title of the Coca-Cola commercial created by the Blitzworks agency. It has been directed by Henry Scholfield, produced by Academy Films, and post-production by Electric Theater Collective.

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The best commercials of April 2023

Virgin Media – It’s Playtime

“It’s Playtime” is the title of the Virgin Media advert made by the agency Publicis Dublin, produced by Antidote Films and post-produced by Freefolk.

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Kinokuniya – Time to Read

“Time to Read” is the title of the campaign carried out by Saatchi&Saatchi Middle East for the bookstore of the Japanese chain Kinokuniya in Dubai. The idea? show how many books could be read with the time we spend on social networks.

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Money Super Market – The Money SuperSeven

“Saving Britain Serious Money” is the title of the MoneySuperMarket advertisement produced by the London agency New Commercial Arts and directed by John Madden.

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Heineken – The Ghosted Bar

“The Ghosted Bar” is the Heineken action carried out by the Le Pub agency in Singapore and Malaysia. It refers to the term “Ghosting” that is used in dating. Thus, Heineken wants to highlight not only a trend, but a very entrenched behavior.

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IcelandAir – Easy to stop, hard to leave

“Easy to stop, hard to leave” has been carried out by the Pablo London agency and produced by Somesuch. He tells us the story of Oliver, who is missing when boarding his stopover in Iceland on his way to Paris.

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Dove – Injectable Billboard

“Injectable Billboard” is the title of the Dove billboard produced by the agencies Ogilvy Toronto and DAVID Miami. Follow the brand’s communication strategy to make beauty accessible to everyone and denounce the ideals of beauty that society imposes on us.

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K-Lynn – Self Check Out

“Self-Check Out” is the title of the campaign for the lingerie brand K-Lynn carried out by the Leo Burnett Dubai agency. The case study shows us that 40% of Arab women have never had a mammogram. To motivate users to perform a simple five-minute self-examination; the brand has weighed up the more than 60 minutes they spend buying clothes online.

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Adidas – Running Needs Nothing But You

“Running Needs Nothing But You” is the title of the Adidas campaign carried out by the agency TBWA\NEBOKO and produced by Anorak Film. With it, the German firm intends to empower the new generations so that they can meet their objectives.

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The best commercials of May 2023

Nissan – Enjoy the Powerfully Peaceful ARIYA

“Enjoy the Powerfully Peaceful ARIYA” is the title of Nissan’s commercial for the Lofi Girl channel. Google, the Mayda agency have collaborated in its creation and the animation has been in charge of the Titmouse studio.

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The New York Times – More of Life Brought to Life

“More of life brought to life” is the peculiar title of the New York Times advertisement made by the Droga5 agency. It is an ingenious advertising campaign that tries to relate different topics that are far removed from each other in order to have a global vision of how the world today works.

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